We are excited to announce that the movie nights held at Miracle Hall are going great.
We have purchased a permanent projector to take the place of the one on loan by a members family. Thanks to all that come out and enjoy this event & make it a joy. The new projector was funded through memorial danations. A plaque will be presented for name sake. stay alert for future announcements!!!


2012-2013 Lay Servant Explanation

Recently, lay empowerment representatives from both the former Williamsport and former Wellsboro met to discuss our lay servant (formerly lay speakers) course outline and to come to a greater understanding of the new lay servant opportunities that will be available as per 2012 General Conference initiative.

Basic Lay Servant (formerly basic lay speaker): There will be no change in the content of this course from what has been offered the last few years in both Williamsport and Wellsboro Districts. This course is an overview of Theology, United Methodist beliefs and practices. It is a wonderful introduction to a deeper understanding of our faith as a people of God and as United Methodists. Upon completion of this course and affirmation of your charge conference, you would be a Local Church Lay Servant.

On the charge conference form: The year you complete the course, (and for this year, those who have completed Basic lay speaking) check “Become a local church lay servant”. For the next 3 years after you complete the Basic Lay Speaking (currently Basic lay servant) Course and do not take any other advanced ‘certified’ courses during this time, you may check the box “to continue as a local church lay servant).

Certified Lay Servant: These are courses that you may take only after taking the basic lay servant course. There will be a range of course offerings, all dealing with various ministry settings. You may want to take any of these courses if you wish to continue in the lay servant course work but are not interested in lay speaking opportunities.

On the Charge Conference Form: The year you complete a certified lay servant course (and for this year, if you have taken an advanced lay speaking course but do not wish to speak at other churches as a lay speaker) check “to become a certified lay servant”. For the next 3 years after you complete a certified lay servant (currently certified lay speaker) course, you may check the box ‘to continue as a certified lay servant).

Lay Speaker: If you wish to be a certified lay speaker and make yourself available to preach in other churches as a temporary pulpit supply OR could serve in the capacity of a Certified Lay Minister (CLM) if requested, you will need to fulfill some additional course requirements in the future. As noted below, this is forthcoming and will not be required for this year’s charge conference.

On the Charge Conference Form: If you took an advanced lay speaking course this year for the first time, you will want to check “become a lay speaker” If you have taken an advanced lay speaking course sometime in the last 3 years, you may check “to continue as a lay speaker”.


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